General Questions and Answers

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If the VP List shows an incorrect or misspelled name or department, how can this be brought to someone's attention?

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Membership Questions

What do I get for being an member?

Active membership in the association entitles an officer to be paid the following benefits for all injuries that occur in the line of duty - including heart attack and/or hypertension (in some cases).

  • Ten dollars per calendar day for all days for which the officer is unable to perform duty from the first day of injury to the last day before he or she returns to duty (including days off) to a maximum of 182 days per injury.
  • For any injury that results in death (including heart disease or hypertension) - Twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) plus $100 per week per child to the guardian of all dependent children from the date of death to that child's eighteenth birthday.
  • Members of PAC are entitled to participate in a group life insurance program provided only to members of PAC at premiums that are a fantastic buy. See your local Vice President.

Membership Questions

How do I become a PAC Member?

Go to the Application area of the website for a membership application. Contact your vice president in your department. To determine your department's vice president, check the vice presidents list in the Application area. If your department does not have a v.p., then contact CTPAC using 1-888-99-Police (1-888-997-6542).

How is CTPAC Setup?

The intent is to have a local vice-president with each department. He or she are responsible for all PAC activities such as, membership, insurance, emblems and stickers.